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of salespeople using social media perform better than their peers
The impact has definitely been observed in team growth as well. Before the growth from social media and utilization of Soundboard, we were probably averaging 10 new team members a month, and now we are averaging between 20-30.
   Andrea,  San Antonio, TX
Great content wins by creating intrigue, and Soundboard enables us all to be better storytellers.
    Jeff,  Denver, CO
I don't think I would have a business without Soundboard. Around 70% of my business comes from Soundboard and social media.

Aly,  Sydney, Australia
Soundboard has added credible value to my business and that of my team. It has bridged the gap allowing for an increased positive and consistent social media presence and visibility in a noisy social world.
Jamie,   Kansas City, MO

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You'll excel at customer care with personalized email newsletters. With Soundboard, you can build a newsletter that educates and inspires your customers.

All you have to do is drop in relevant articles from our large selection of healthy living content. It is so easy to do!

An easy-to-follow 70+ page guide for conquering social media and growing your business by reaching more pre-customers.

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Soundboard delivers a healthy blend of easy to share content with suggested messages to help you inspire, grow, and get discovered!

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Personalized newsletters

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FREE Social30 ebook

Curated content
Suggested messages



USD per month

Integrates with all social 
& messaging platforms

FREE Social30 ebook

Curated content
Suggested messages



USD per month

Integrates with all social 
& messaging platforms

Personalized newsletters


FREE Social30 ebook

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Share Healthy Living Content Everywhere.

Soundboard integrates with all your favorite social media and scheduling platforms + any messaging app.

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Only sharing promotional content turns customers off. To get discovered, you must balance your promotional posts with relevant content that connects with your customers.

Why Healthy Living Soundboard?

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Pick an article that strikes your fancy and get ready 
to share.

Simply choose one of our suggested messages to share with the article.

The message is copied to 
your clipboard. So pick your platform, paste your message.

It's that easy! 
Now go forth and 
great things.

How Does Soundboard Work?

Soundboard gives you the most valuable health and wellness content to share on social media


Soundboard scours thousands of sources every day for great content your customers and prospects will love.


Soundboard gives you suggested messages and high performing hashtags to get you discovered.  


It is quick and easy to share on any social media and messaging platform